About Kevin

Hi Neighbors - I’m Kevin Wheeler - running for the East Pasadena / District 4 City Council Seat to stop high-density housing and big city traffic on our side of town. I started school at Don Benito and graduated from Assumption, PHS, PCC, UCLA. I’m adjunct faculty at Azusa Pacific University (Scientific Writing) and a neighborhood Realtor. I volunteer on, and chair, the Government Committee at my real estate trade association, guiding an annual budget of $150,000+ to protect local rights of private property owners in city, county, and statewide matters. I have a personal stake in both maintaining East Pasadena’s highly desirable, single-family homes and improving our East Pasadena parks and the PUSD.

Politically, I successfully helped stop service tax bill SB 640 in Sacramento. I support mom and pop businesses, and have spoken on behalf of The Rose Bowl and East Pasadena Homeowners at City Hall. We owe more to our neighbors who already live here than the folks that want to move in. If you’ve scratched your head at things our two-term council member has done, and not done, then please vote for me March 3rd, 2020.

Kevin Wheeler

Kevin PHS Alum


East Pasadena Motel Conversions To Homeless Shelters

First and foremost, can we both help the homeless and make East Pasadena a safer place? What, exactly, is the screening process for the folks / families moving in? Moreover, are these people with mental health problems, or simply families? Does the city promise to scrap the program if crime increases? If so, what is the exit strategy?

Rent Control

We are all getting squeezed. Tenants work long and hard; a lot of their money goes to rent. They have two part-time jobs so employers avoid paying health insurance. How can they save for the American dream? Take naps on long bus rides between minimum wage jobs? The number of first-time homeless is up; the number of first-time homeless seniors is up. Landlords are regulated- from Section 8 rules to paying relocation fees. We have an ordinance requiring seismic retrofit of older soft-story apartment buildings. Rent control brings fewer vacancies, and the landlords that do have their rents below market get punished. Business owners face a minimum wage increase, squeezing entrepreneurs, innovation, mom and pop shops. Ugh. On the positive side, those with municipal pensions have it good.

Space Bank Development

My position requires full preconstruction testing and cleanup of this toxic site. I support no site development or construction until full site testing and cleanup is done.

We Need Your Help!

I would love to count you in as a supporter! There are many ways you can help: Place a sign in your yard, host a fundraiser, volunteer on the campaign, host a meet and greet, help walk a neighborhood, or just list yourself as a supporter.

  • Email Kevin@wheelerforpasadena.com
  • Phone 310.795.9397
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    3820 Canfield Road
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